Samson Expedition Escape Battery-Powered Bluetooth Speaker

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Samson Expedition Escape Battery-Powered Bluetooth Speaker

Samson's Expedition Escape is a rechargeable speaker system that provides incredible sound in any environment. Weighing only 8.5 pounds, this ultra-portable device combines pristine audio performance with convenient Bluetooth connectivity for wireless audio streaming. It's the ideal sound system for BBQs, parties, outdoor sporting events, tailgates, presentations, fitness classes and anywhere else loud, full-range sound is desired.


All-in-one portable speaker system that weighs 8.5lb
Internal rechargeable battery for 20 hours of continuous use
Bluetooth connectivity to wirelessly stream music
2-way speaker enclosure with 6" woofer
1" high frequency driver
2-channel mixer
1/4" input for microphones and other line level devices
1/8" stereo Aux input for stereo line level devices (MP3 players, keyboards, etc.)
Integrated carry handle
1 3/8" speaker stand mount